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Applian Technologies is a company that produces different commercial software products. It was founded in 1997 to produce software for Pocket PC but it has evolved into a much larger company. The software products that they produce are mainly for capturing, converting and playing back audio and video that is mainly for Windows users. They are a customer oriented company and give excellent customer service to their clients even though there is no 24/7 live customer support. Their software products are generally easy to use so a 24/7 live customer support is not necessary. The software products of Applian Technologies are on my favorites list. Read on to find out why.

Applian Technologies: What makes it different?

The main product of Applian Technologies is the Replay Capture Suite. It contains nine powerful software programs that provide all the tools you need to capture media from the internet. By using the Replay Capture Suite, one can record audio files from radio, download video, save music as MP3 files, and even record Skype calls. It also provides the ability to convert and edit all of these recorded and captured media files. This complete software package is the only toolkit that can download, capture, record and convert online video or audio from any web site - be it YouTube, IGN, Yahoo, you name it. This baby can record and capture whatever you can see and hear. The Replay Capture Suite includes the following:

A Detailed Look at the Components of Replay Capture Suite

The Replay Media Catcher can capture streaming flash videos and audio as you surf on any website.

media catcher

The control panel of the replay panel of Replay Media Capture is easy to understand and use.

The Replay Video Capture uses screen capture technology to capture anything on the screen of your PC and does not slow down other programs one bit. As long as you can see it in the screen, you can capture it as a video. This is actually my favorite video capture software.

video capture

The replay video capture opens in a very tiny window with sa very simple layout.

Replay AV can record thousands of broadcast radio streams, capture video streams and even includes a built-in media guide. You can record audio from mic, from speakers, from line-in, and can stream-capture video and audio.


Replay AV has a simple control panel yet packs a lot of features.

Replay Music can record high quality mp3s. It can record any audio media, burn CDs, split recordings using silence detection, automatically sync to iTunes, and many more.


Replay is easy and fun to use though it lacks some features as compared to other music software products.

Replay Converter allows the user to convert video and audio files into different file formats. It is one of the fastest converters around.


Applian Technologies vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Applian Technologies)
  1. Cyberlink - This company produces different software products for capturing, editing and playing back media. Its products have been receiving high reviews over the years. However, Cyberlink mainly focuses on media playback and editing whereas Applian Technologies mainly focuses on capturing media from just about any website.
  2. ArcSoft - ArcSoft is another company similar to Cyberlink and focuses more on multimedia playback, video editing and photo editing. Tools to capture video and music are also available but they are not that powerful as compared to the products of Applian Technologies.
  3. Flash and Media Capture - This software garnered a 4 out of 5 star rating in It is an internet explorer plug-in that captures flash applets and images from web pages. It supports a limited number of web browsers. It does not work on Firefox and Opera. One of its selling points is that it is easy to use and does not slow down the computer when it is used. It is priced at $24.95
Applian Technologies: Pricing & packages

main product

The Replay Capture Suite costs $79. It is the complete software package that includes all the tools for capturing, playing back, and converting media, video, audio, plus other bonus features. Individual components of the Replay Capture Suite may also be purchased at lesser cost. The prices of the individual components are given below:


Replay Media Catcher costs $39.95


Replay Video Capture costs $39.95


Replay Music Costs $19.95

replay AV

Replay A/V costs $49.95


Replay Telecorder for Skype costs $29.95

The Best Bargain

If you are planning on purchasing all of the capturing software given above, Applian Technology's Replay Capture Suite is the best bargain. If all the components are purchased individually, the total cost would reach up to $179.95. By purchasing the Replay Capture Suite, you get all of the individual components plus additional bonuses at only $79! It's like getting a $100 discount.

Applian Technologies: Product images & screenshots
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Applian Technologies: Customer reviews & comments

Before I give my verdict, let us take a look at what the customers of Applian Technologies have to say about their products:

"I must say I am very pleased with your products and will certainly be recommending them to my friends."

Edwina M.

"I just wanted to thank you for my software. It is incredible and I am really having a good time with it. Hats off to all the fine folks at Applian Tech!!! "

Walder R.
Durham ,NC

"As we went through a whole bunch of related apps, the Replay Capture Suite is the most compatible and user-friendly one we ever saw. For example, none of the other tested software (out of 6 companies) could gave us satisfaction when capturing and (converting) importing .flv to an iPod. Applian software captures and converts the movies without any errors! It does the job with glance! Great work there !! "

Ben V.

"I love Replay Capture Suite and as a teacher it's really coming in handy for downloading video files that I use in the classroom for the teaching of English as a second language (in France). It's an excellent product.

I will not hesitate to purchase other software products knowing that they are backed by a trustworthy team. I'll look forward to doing business with you again."

San Diego, California

The testimonials all proclaim the same message - Replay Capture Suite is worth the purchase. For more testimonials, click here.

In summary, Replay Capture Suite is an excellent collection of video and audio capture and playback software that is offered at an extremely good bargain price. The programs are easy to use, feature-packed, and they are extremely fast. I give Replay Capture Suite by Applian Technology 5 stars out of 5.

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