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The New RealPlayer is a media player. That means it plays all types of media from music to video.  The New Real player supports all types of media files such as  MP3, WMA, WAV, Flash, MPEG and many more.

As more people are spending more time on the Internet they also need more from media related programs. Using RealPlayer is the quickest and easiest way to download, edit, transfer and share music and video content. There is a “one click download” feature and “automatic transcoding to social network sharing”. This makes it quick and easy to share your music or video “finds” with friends on any social network.

New RealPlayer still has all the old features for streaming audio and video, but this version is lighter, adware and spyware free, giving a total performance without taking up too much space.

The site is only one page, but as they are offering a “free download” this hardly matters. Not many companies do this - if they offer a free download it is usually an outdated version.

Unfortunately on this site there is only a button to download the basic version and the pro version is no where to be seen.

RealPlayer: What makes it different?

The New RealPlayer not only lets you edit content, removing parts you are not interested in, but it also lets you separate the audio from video so you can save it to a different file.

All social networks are just one click away for sharing and posting your media without any hassle. New RealPlayer supports most smart phones and cameras and you just drag and drop any music or video you wish to transfer into the relevant file for each device.

RealPlayer converts video files into just about any format so you can use part or all of the file for any project without needing another program for conversion.

You can download a video from YouTube, RealPlayer will convert it to a file size for your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or just about any other device.

RealPlayer vs. primary competitors (sites similar to RealPlayer)

 Two leading competitors of RealPlayer are Windows Media Player and QuickTime.

Windows Media Player

The first thing you notice about this program is that you need a different one for each version of windows, so if you change your operating system your current player appears not to work. This also means if you have two computers and they do not use the same windows system – you need two players. Downloading media with this player is not as quick and easy as using the “one touch download” on New RealPlayer.

Clicking on “buy Media Player 7” takes you to “per order Samsung Series 9” and there is still no price for the player. You would expect better from a company such as Microsoft.

Quick Time

You can download and convert most media with QuickTime 7, but it seems that you can only edit and convert files for different devices if you choose the pro version. Explanations of what each version does are not very clear which makes it difficult to know if you need the basic or pro version.

Unfortunately information on what each player does is scarce, but RealPlayer seems to be more social network friendly, as well as encompassing many devices.

PNG Image

RealPlayer: Pricing & packages

As the New RealPlayer is free so it is impossible  to beat the price.

There is a RealPlayer Plus version available to buy for $39.99. There is also a free fourteen day trial of the Plus version so you can see what it does before committing to buying, which is a good feature.

This has extra features such as the possibility to burn DVDs, 10-Band Graphic EQ, . Cross Fade – so you can become a DJ and Analog Recording so you can convert your analog cassettes or vinyl collection to digital files, and many useful other features.

QuickTime 7 is also free to download and they have a QuickTime 7 Pro version which costs $29.99. What extra features this affords is not easy to determine.

Real Networks FREE SuperPass Trial

RealPlayer: Product images & screenshots
RealPlayer Coupons
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RealPlayer: Customer reviews & comments

The NEW Premium RealPlayer SP Plus is the editors choice on an independent  downloadable player site which reviews all types of media players.

Some independent reviews on New RealPlayer;

“RealNetworks promises an easy process that includes connecting the device and clicking once to download and transfer. It will automatically take a lot of hassles out of the experience, including handling conversions and file types.”

“Such a huge, major improvement from previous versions, you should try the latest version, its majorly improved, light in resources and no adware, spyware or any of that junk included”

“RealPlayer has been around since 1995, which is practically the dawn of the Web. It started as a basic media player, becoming the preferred embedded app for streaming audio and video as sites started to offer that functionality, and eventually morphing into the easy-to-use, fully functioning beast we have today.

The program also incorporates a very simple-to-use video-trimming tool that allows you to select only certain bits of a video to transfer or share, and there are one-click buttons that let you share with a variety of social sites, such as Facebook and YouTube. In addition, you have the option to strip the audio out of the videos and save those as separate files.

Best of all, you can do all this for free. RealPlayer only requires a license fee if you want to upgrade to the Plus version in order to access additional features, such as H.264 conversion and DVD burning.”

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